The Moment of Totality


Photo courtesy of Flashnick Visuals

There have been five times in my life when I remember experiencing an event that filled my heart with unconditional love. Continue reading “The Moment of Totality”


The Silent Struggle

img_1026I’m sharing my story because when I experienced this heartache my first emotion was a sense of feeling empty and very alone.  I never anticipated things turning out this way and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I experienced what is medically referred to as a “missed miscarriage” or a “silent miscarriage” during the 11th week of my pregnancy.  It means that the baby passed before I had any symptoms of a miscarriage.

I’m not sharing my story for sympathy or to hear words that should make me feel better.  I want other people in similar situations to have a place to turn without having to feel gun-shy or worried about bringing up their story.  This wasn’t anything to be ashamed of and neither were my feelings. Continue reading “The Silent Struggle”