“Never in my arms.  Always in my heart.”

On November 5th 2016 I was 11-weeks pregnant with our first child and on November 6th our world suddenly changed with the news that our child had passed away. I had experienced a miscarriage.

I’m sharing our journey for two very important reasons.

First, I hope that we can all be more kind and compassionate towards one another regardless of the circumstance. Often times (and my husband and I are both guilty of this over the years) we don’t realize that what we say or how we treat someone else can affect their life. Every person has a silent struggle. Let’s remember that when we encounter people throughout our daily life.

Many people struggle with the process of becoming a parent.  Some of us struggle with the decision of whether or not we want children.  Others desperately want a family, but struggle to get pregnant or are challenged with the adoption process or both.  Some of us have no problem getting pregnant, but our lives are changed with a pregnancy loss, still birth or death of a child.  Some families look different than a typical mother & father structure and they too yearn for children.  There are some who aren’t challenged to start a family but struggle with the balance of parenthood.  The bottom line is that every single one of us has a silent struggle.  I pray and hope that by sharing our journey we’ll elicit more compassion in our own lives and the lives of many others.

Second, I hope that by sharing our story we’ll make a difference in someone else’s life. We may never know if we help another person, but the prospect that we can is motivation enough. If others find themselves on this journey to Motherhood I hope they don’t have to feel like they’re facing it alone. I’d be honored to have you follow the blog if you’re struggling along this journey (whatever that means to you) or just want to keep up with me.



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