The Lenten Positive Acts Challenge

It has been entirely too long since I’ve published a blog post. I have at least 60 written posts but I haven’t felt like any of them are ready to be shared.  Frankly, they’re depressing. I’ve been trying to plug positives into them and to find a way to share the silver lining, but I’ve been struggling. I mean REALLY struggling. I’m not sleeping, still. It either takes me hours to fall asleep and then I get maybe two hours in or I fall fast asleep at 9pm and am wide awake by 3am.

But that’s not the purpose of this post.  I told myself today that I had to publish something.  Even if it wasn’t perfect.  Even if it didn’t follow my prescribed order.

Lent is upon us. The time of year that Christians fast, give up certain foods, abstain from alcohol, sweet tea, soda, or whatever their vices are. It’s the 40+ days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday meant to reflect on Jesus Christ and the sacrifices he made for us. For the last several years I haven’t given up anything. I truly don’t think Jesus cares if I have a glass of wine every night or not.  It has been 113 days since my miscarriage and every day since November 6th, I’m reminded that this journey we’re on isn’t about what we eat, what we wear, what kind of car we drive or how much money we make. It’s about love. Love for others, love for ourselves and love for God.

I’ve decided that this year my time at Lent would be better spent spreading that love around through positive acts and so I have decided to embark on The Lenten Positive Acts Challenge.

It’s simple.  When you celebrate Easter Sunday you’ll have performed 194 positive acts! They don’t have to be big gestures.  Send a kind email to a work colleague, let a car in front of you in rush hour traffic, say Good Morning to everyone you pass when you are walking the dog, avoid engaging in the negative social media talk.  Grand gestures are acceptable, too, of course.  But it doesn’t have to break the bank or take a ton of time.

March 1 – March 5            Perform 1 positive act each day

March 6 – March 12         Perform 2 positive acts each day

March 13 – March 19        Perform 3 positive acts each day

March 20 – March 26      Perform 4 positive acts each day

March 27 – April 2           Perform 5 positive acts each day

April 3 – April 9                Perform 6 positive acts each day

April 10 – April 16            Perform 7 positive acts each day

I need more kindness and positivity in my life and I’m hoping this challenge will provide that. I pray it’ll remind me of all of the good things in life even though the world seems dark right now.

Will you join me?  Please share this post to signify your intention and to encourage others to participate.




2 thoughts on “The Lenten Positive Acts Challenge

  1. Such a good idea! In the past, I’ve saved my change during Lent and donated the total to a non-profit after Easter. Any little bit helps! xo

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